What to Do if You Are Invited to Komodo Cruise Wedding

Have you ever heard about seaside wedding? Yeah, those weddings are so popular — it’s on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and basically every summer on wedding magazine. Tying the knot in washed shore is getting more popular as it brings lighter ambience and fun to the party, instead of a rigid formality. Bali, being a tropical Island of Paradise, is one of the most popular place to hold beach weddings — especially among the Jakartans, Asians, and Australians.

The trend, however, is currently shifting. With the rising popularity of Indonesian’s eastern side — the drop dead gorgeous Komodo National Park lures romantic and adventurous couples to have a wedding there.

Let assume that you got this invitation and you got to attend one of the most awesome wedding in your life — a wedding in Komodo cruise. What should you wear? What to prepare?

Man: Avoid the tux

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If you think Bali is hot, Flores — where Komodo is — would make you want to take off your skin. Leave the tux behind if you don’t want to be drenched in sweat. And trust me, no one like the smell of fermented sweat trapped under a tuxedo. Wear something light, casual, and of bright color. White sheer shirt and khaki pants will do.

Girls: Ditch the Heels, Wear Shorter Dress

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Girls, it’s time for those light and airy dresses to put on the show! Choose easy-to-slip dress from cotton to wispy fabrics that won’t feel to “heavy” for a beach. And as you need to climb on the Komodo cruise with that dress, it’s a good idea to wear a shorter gown instead of the floor-sweeping one. In the end of the day, your dress might get wet and caught that annoying grain of sands that’s quite a pain in @ss to remove. Also, ditch the heels. No one wants to wear heels in the sands (and in the slippery, wooden floored cruise).

Confirm First Before Taking the Plus One

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Komodo cruise wedding often make a small-sized wedding party. Seats are limited and if you are bringing your plus one, make sure you have informed the bridegroom beforehand.

Bring A Meaningful Gift that Won’t Take Too Much Space

source: Etsy

Again, we are talking about space here. If you intend to bring your gift to the wedding venue, make sure it’s compact enough to slip between limited spaces on the cruise. I am not saying that you shouldn’t give a bigger gifts (feel free to give them lawn-mower if you want to!) — they can always wait until the bridegroom reach their land based home.

Bring on the Camera

source: unpslash

After all, you are in Komodo! One of the most beautiful place on earth with open sea, undulating hills covered by golden savannah, deep curved bays, and empty islands. The scenes are very breathtaking and you will be very thankful to yourself for bringing camera to capture those gorgeous landscape.

What do you think about wandering around the earth?

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