Traveling to the Tropics 101: The Essentials

Excited to escape the seemingly eternal winter in your home country? It’s probably high time that you get some of the much-needed tropical paradise time you’ve been dreaming about. What are some of the basics you should prepare?

Get some mosquito repellent

If you’re not sure whether you would have allergic reactions to the ones sold at your destinations, then make sure you bring some from home. Alternatively, you can use cajuput oil as a replacement to your over the counter mosquito repellent. They are very effective and they usually don’t contain as many additives compared to your regular mosquito repellent cream.

Pack breathable fabrics and think layers

This is an obvious one and you’re probably already excited to wear your camisoles and all sorts of summer dresses in your tropical destinations. But it’s not just about keeping cool. Dressing in the tropics is also about keeping the sun from scorching you on a daily basis as well. If you want to cut in the sunscreen, then make sure to wear something that covers at least to your upper arms. Pack a light cardigan or two to complete your outfit if you plan on wearing tank tops or similar clothes. Bonus points if your cardigan is appropriately light you can fit it inside your handbag. Wearing tight jeans, especially long pants, may feel a tad too hot to wear in the tropics on a daily basis.

On the other hand, some countries are still largely conservative. While Caucasian-looking people are often exempt from the locals’ expectations of dress code; it is in your best interest to dress appropriately similar to how a local would dress. At least, this should apply when you’re on the road. No riding the scooter bare-chested with your surfboard.

Don’t forget your hats

Hats don’t just complete your outfit. They protect your vision and your head from direct sun exposure. The big brim and the floppy hats made of straws are the favorites when it comes to the tropics! They not only protect you from the harshness of the tropical sun, but they also look chic as hell. Note that this tip isn’t just for women but for men as well. While the big-brimmed hats would protect you from the sun better, something like a beanie would work as well. They at least would help prevent your head from getting direct sunlight.

Travel packing tip: if you can’t afford to fold your hat inside your luggage, then make sure to put it on top of everything. Stuff some of your smaller pieces of luggage inside the head part of your hat to save space. If it does not work, you can always wear your hat at the airport. While this may mean that you’ll have to take it off on planes (depending on how big your hat is), hats weigh nothing. Getting your hat a string is an excellent idea so that you can let it hang on your shoulders when you don’t want to wear it.

Always bring your water bottle and drink often

You’ll find yourself sweating like never before. Heat has been cited as the trigger to migraine far too often. It’s important to always hydrate. Generally, water is something that you can easily find anywhere. Bring a bottle or two with you if you’re the forgetful type. No reason for you to neglect hydrating.

What do you think about wandering around the earth?

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