So You Are Going to Komodo Cruise… Here’s How to Behave

In another word…”An Everyone’s Guide to Not Be ‘That Guy’ “

Finally, you have enough time and resources to sail with your dream Komodo cruise after a long wait. You cannot wait to finally set your foot to the breathtaking Padar’s outcrop and meet the dragons. The stylish, nautical cabin you’ve been glared on screen for the past few weeks is waiting. After all the effort and hassles of tour arrangement, now you deserve the treat.

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Komodo cruise via Instagram/ Hello Flores

Some people, however, somehow forget that everyone on board are in for a treat. Unless you are booking a honeymoon-style boat for two, you gonna share the boat with ±8–10 other people. For couple of days ahead, they will be your travel-mates, boat-mates, diving-mates, and all the like. Proper etiquette is very essential to maintain peace and relaxing atmosphere on board. Ask yourself; are you really fit for a sailing trip?


Basically something that ‘That Guy’ would do — and make everyone’s on boat don’t want to be around you.

Dominating The Favorite Spot on Board

Your dream Komodo cruise was perfect in everything. It has that chic boat chairs and cushions with all teakwood floor that’s gonna be perfect for enjoying the scenery. Or striking fabulous vacation photos. But you are not the only one who wanted to enjoy the spot. It’s okay to sit on the spot once in a while and give others a turn. Dominating the same prime spot all the time can bring jealousy into the surface, especially when others paid the same amount of price as you.

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Komodo cruise via Instagram/ Hello Flores

Complaining All the Time

How do you feel to be with someone who always find something to complain about? Being with chronic complainers is utterly exhausting. It can bring everyone’s mood down and emerge unpleasant atmosphere onboard. Complainers can quickly ruin the moment with their negativity and prevent happiness to stay for long. And in a long and tight-scheduled Komodo excursion, everyone’s energy can quickly drained and people feel tired sooner than usual. That’s why maintaining positivity is crucial — everyone on board must be responsible for the cruise’s peace.

Late and Make Everyone Waits

A Komodo cruise excursion is almost identical with tight schedule. There are so much amazing places in Komodo National Park to visit and too little time available. Especially when you only take 3D2N excursion with all diving, hiking, and beach excursion included. Nothing can be more irritating than waiting for that persons who literally took their time taking photos, forgetting the arranged itinerary behind their head. They could be out on the way to catch the spectacular sunset in Padar — but no. They are still on the dock because someone hasn’t even climb down Gili Lawa’s hills.


Basically few things to do that will help to keep the atmosphere’s good:

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Komodo cruise via Instagram/ Hello Flores

Tidy Up!

We cannot stress more about the limited space on Komodo cruise with all the guests and crews on board. Try to not make a mess, especially in communal spaces. Whenever you spill a liquid keep everyone from stepping on it until it’s cleaned. Store things neatly after you use it, all the time. Do not leave any personal thing on the dock or communal quarters. No one wants to see your private belongings scattered all around as if you are the one who own the boat.

Sharing is Caring

Boat trip with Komodo cruise is all about sharing. If you cannot share, you simply cannot sail. You need to share spaces, foods, drinks, and toilet with everyone on board. Snacks — usually served after dives or hikes — are limited, so try to not munch them all to yourself. Sharing spaces, aside of communal one, is even more essential if share a cabin with 2 or more people. Some Komodo cruise of the lower class even have small space cabins cramped with tiny bunkbeds, which make it essential to share the limited space for everyone.

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