Dive and Backpack in Komodo without Forsaking Comfort

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Take Budget Komodo Diving Liveaboard with Diving Facilities

With rich and blooming marine diversity, Komodo is one of the top place of diving — especially as it’s part of the Coral Triangle. Indonesia, in general, has widely recognised as the heart of marine biodiversity and the untouched Komodo, obviously, is in a bucket list of every seasoned divers alike in their quest of outstanding marine escapade. Now, you would want to stay in your prime condition to plunge into the coral reefs and hunt the manta, so it’s better to invest on proper Komodo diving liveaboard for your sake.

Deck is Cheaper than Cabin

I don’t usually recommend deck over cabin, but if you are really tight in budget, this could be an option. When you have invest on a proper liveaboard, sleeping on a deck shouldn’t be a problem! Deck passengers usually get cheaper rate than their cabin fellows, but this come with sleeping on a mattress and thin blanket every night. But hey, at least you have the stars! Also, you won’t have an ensuite bathroom, but the common bathroom would do just fine.

Believe me, this is budget.

Combined Itinerary

The benefit of choosing Komodo diving liveaboard is that they commonly offer combination of diving trip with a visit to one of the island. There will be both sides of the world to take. On Rinca, for example, some people who have seen the Komodo dragons before could opt for diving or snorkeling, while others could take a walk with the dragons.

Abandon the Fisherman Boat — It’s Just Not Worth It

If you want to press the budget into minimum limit and do the typical DIY travel, then renting fisherman boat is your answer. Believe me, some of the craziest travelers has tried this way. Unless you have 10++ experience in sailing and willing to live in very basic to almost nonexistent facility, I strongly suggest you to avoid this option. The fisherman boat would be just it. No cabins, no toilet, no kitchen, and there’s high probability of having no captain nor dive master onboard. You will basically sleep on a mat on the ship’s floor, prepare meals that would last at least for 3 days, and do your toilet business on the sea. Yeah, not really recommended. Beside, where could you store all those diving equipments?



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