A Girls Guide to What to Wear for Seminyak Bars Hopping

You might know the Seminyak of Bali for its a string upstate fashion boutiques, sophisticated cafes, and the lively Petingenget beach. But not everyone know that the fashionable Seminyak is also home of Bali’s best bars! Once the night rolls in and holidayers have return from the beach, nightclub and bars begin to light their neon signs and blasting their music — inviting everyone to have parties inside. Seminyak’s Cemplung Tanduk Street, Petingenget, and Jalan Raya Seminyak are literally filled by lively nightlife establishments, standing just one stone throw away from another. And for us, that means having a perfect bar hopping night!

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One thing we love about doing Seminyak bars hopping is the relaxed vibe. Very few nightclubs apply formal dress codes — most will welcome you even in your most casual clothes. You could hit a couple of trendiest Seminyak bars and still be stunning everywhere you go — the key is playing your dress game strategically. We think that the classic Little Black dress is boring. It’s the staple, it could never go wrong, but it’s the safe choice practically for everyone. So, we create a simple staple you could follow whenever you want to venture down to Seminyak’s buzzing lane.

Simple Top and Jeans Combo

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There’s a reason why skinny jeans could be your bar staple. They are highly versatile (just like the LBD), they have pockets for quick-stash of cards, money, and phone, and they could be very stylish. Achieve a classy and polished looking with dark and skinny jeans, or match Bali’s beach and breezy vibe with ripped jeans. You could always pair it up with sleeveless tops, t-shirt, or tanks — anything you love would do. But we especially love to throw flirty, lace-trimmed satin camisole — it brings a subtle glam to your casual look.

Backless Summer Dress

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Oh, summer dress would never go wrong anywhere in Bali. From cafe to pool party, from beach play to Seminyak bars, summer dress would always be your life-safer. We personally love to rock floral backless summer dress or playsuit when we’re feeling cheeky. They looked absolutely charming to dance in!

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Styled Sandals

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Bali’s cutes, most favorite ethnic pom pom sandals are basically versatile to be paired up with any beach-vibes outfit. If you think they are too frilly for your casual outfit, however, you could always opt for gladiator sandals, tied up flats, or simple sneakers. The point is, wear anything you think comfortable. Heels are gorgeous but they are not the best thing to wear on Seminyak bars hopping night. No one wants painful feet just after two bars visit. And let’s be honest; no one would pay any attention to your shoes at a bar. Most bars are dark, the floor are crowded, and you would probably find no available seating — so don’t bother yourself.

Wear Statement Piece

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When you want to show off, it should be on your accessory. Take the chance to wear weird, vibrant, and edgy earrings that you always keep in the drawer, wear a sequinned headband, or that awesome layered necklace!

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