Beach life would never be boring, especially when you are on a summer holiday in Bali and stay at one of the family beach resorts. Some of us love the resort life for the ultimate relaxation that it bring; lounging in the recliner chairs or swimming in the oceanfront pools without having to worry about one single thing in the world. While most holiday makers stay at resorts for a week or more, the whole relaxing thing can be a bit boring if you don’t know what’s next to do. Beach resort isn’t limited to swimming and enjoying luxuries. …

It’s no longer a secret that the Komodo, Indonesia, holds one of the richest and diverse marine population in the world. Over one thousand species of fishes and 250 species of coral reefs make up the underwater life in this part of Coral Triangle. Thanks to the Indian and Pacific ocean that spread in both sides of Komodo, streamlining nutrient-rich waters packed with planktons. The result is an explosion of colours; vibrant coral population with teeming fish swimming all around the water. However, one should not forget what happens on the ocean floor, where beauty lies on the details. Beneath…

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The enchanting great thing about the land of Komodo dragons is out and now travelers from all round the world flocks to the faraway haven. Imagine the tranquil vibe along the journey. nobody to disturb you lounging within the sundeck — unless your closest fellow whom you personally pick for this private sail. No got to compromise with strangers you barely know. Less awkward conversation and more quality me time within the remote frontier. It’s only you and therefore the beautiful Komodo’s jurassic-esque landscape.

It’s easy to urge carried away for the trip and find yourself with bulk luggage filled…

You could state that cruising trip is the quintessential of the investigation excursion to the Komodo National Park. With a line of in excess of twenty islands spreads on the Flores Sea and many elite plunge site underneath, it’s difficult to investigate this dazzling boondocks without setting out on a cruising trip. Among hundreds boats of different kinds that moored in Labuan Bajo, Komodo cruise is the most mainstream alternative for individuals who need to be encircled by better things while investigating the distant Komodo. Be that as it may, there are some significant things you would

There Are Different Types of Komodo Cruise Ships

At the point…

The global pandemic has forced us to retreat into the safety of our house and practically confiscate our opportunities to go out and see the world. Traveling becomes greatly discouraged since the outbreak, and many of us have been spending months now in self-isolations. We are yearning to see the mountains, the sea, and all the astonishing wonders that nature has given to us. Right now, we are seeing markets have begun to stir up and there’s a glimmer of hope that traveling will be soon available again.

Apa sih yang kamu bayangkan kalau kamu lagi bangun rumah? Pastinya ruangan yang nyaman ditinggali dong ya. Syukur syukur kalau ada dana lebih buat bikin rumahmu jadi aesthetic, homey, instagrammable, dan interior-goals banget. Pinginnya punya furniture yang bagus buat dipajang di ruang tamu, kamar tidur nyaman, dan kamar mandi bersih. Tapi kadang-kadang ada orang yang terlalu jenius ya, yang saking jeniusnya sampai-sampai hasil desain mereka tuh nggak bisa dinalar banget!

Furniture Ruang Tamu Full Motif

sofa gorden ruang tamu bermotif
sofa gorden ruang tamu bermotif
Kebanyakan motif, pusing nggak sih liatnya?

Gimana perasaan kamu kalo masuk ke ruang tamu kaya gini? Pusing nggak sih? Matching-in furniture ruang tamu dari sofa, korden, sampai outfit sih boleh aja ya. Tapi nggak kaya gini…

So here’s your to-do list on Komodo Trip:

Walk with the near — extinct, Jurassic — looking Komodo Dragons. Choose Komodo Island or Rinca Island.

Hike the awesome Padar Island for a postcard — perfect landscape view. Trust me, this is the iconic thing from a Komodo trip you don’t want to miss.

Watch Sunsets at Padar island — or sunrise, if you prefer.

Definitely Sunset near the Kalong Island. Superb wildlife sunset, I tell you.

Diving or snorkelling with the Manta Rays at Taka Makassar

Dive at Batu Bolong, Manta Point, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Tatawa Besar, or other…

There’s something about shipwrecks that has always been appealing to divers. It’s not just a regular dive were you plunge to the seabeds, going down the reefs, and exploring the open sea. This is the reasons why wreck diving holds a special place among divers and why you need to have in on your next holiday to Bali.

There’s Something So Mysterious about Wreck Diving Bali

There are lots of ways on how a ship ends up on the bottom of the ocean, lakes, or rivers. Sometimes they are intentionally sunk as part of coral restoration efforts, other times it almost always part of a tragedy. Navigational errors…

Diving is one of the many kinds of activities that you should try when visiting Komodo Island. You don’t need to worry about the expensive equipment or guidance when joining the Komodo diving liveaboard since they are already prepared everything for you including a professional guide.

But do you know that in order to dive by yourself, you require a license first? This license also divided by rank depending on how skilled you are. The higher your license rank is, the more area that you can access. On this occasion, I would like to share the details of diving licenses…

There are a lot of things that Portugal is famous for. Port Wine, soccer player (Luis Figo and Christiano Ronaldo!), its delicious Portuguese egg or custard tarts, the language itself, and of course, the year round surfing! This Iberian peninsula country is one of world’s top surfing destination-and it is just hugely popular in Europe. Portugal has some of the best beaches in the world, with nice pumping swells and sometimes even monster-sized waves hunted by professional surfers. More than 17.000 km of coastline stretched on Portugal’s boundary, blessing the country with abundant choice of beaches to choose from. And…

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